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What is Healthy Smarthome?
Healthy Smarthome is a system that combines the technology of smarthome and the element of health. Integrated into home design, it allows users to enjoy a better and healthier environment at home without moving a finger.

The system mainly targets at improving the condition of the sources in our living environment that affect our health. For example, construction materials, dust, bacteria and harmful materials in the air, water pollution, and electromagnetic wave all directly affect our health.

When we work on interior design for our clients, we will at the same time design a suitable healthy smart system according to their lifestyle and set up a computer program to control the operation schedule for all the equipment. For example, one of the systems can be set to activate the sterilizing function when the user leaves home and activate another set of disinfection procedures when one comes home in order to reduce the amount of bacteria that enter the home.

There are other systems that are designed for healthy homes and for improving our health. Nowadays the stress in life is getting heavier and the environmental quality is deteriorating, Healthy Smarthome will be the choice( will be a definite choice) for every household in the future.

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